The world’s gone video.

With so much video content being generated every day, it’s getting harder and harder for brands to create videos that stand out. At Communi8, our in-house experts have spent years perfecting their craft to bring you outstanding content, from live action shoots to motion graphics and everything in-between. Most importantly, we approach every film brief from a pure brand communication standpoint. This means you don’t just get a good-looking film; you also get a film that works.


Explainer Video Production

Explainer videos are simple, to-the-point videos that tell consumers how to use a product/service. These are flat 2D animated videos that almost work like a tutorial for your audiences.

Brand Introduction Videos

These videos are inspiring. They take potential clients and customers on a journey into the personality of your brand. These videos can be accompanied by a music track, sounds, effects, and/or the right voiceover.

Logo Openers

Your logo is the heart of your company. It represents everything you stand for. So, give it a starring role with an exquisite logo animation that can be used as an intro or outro to all your videos.

Corporate Videos

These are information heavy videos, but they tell their story creatively. It’s packed with the company’s vision and future plans, so they are meant to be inspiring. More importantly, these videos help companies solve some of their issues by offering information to their stakeholders and customers in an interesting way.

Video for Paid Ads

The world has gone video. In fact, video content has been shown to drive 60% more engagement on social media than plain old static image posts. Case in point, YouTube has followers that number in the millions, which makes targeting consumes with the videos easier than ever.