Social Media Marketing

Level up your Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Level up your Social Media


Marketing has changed so much and so quickly that brands have had to leapfrog a few steps because consumers are constantly finding new platforms to live on (let’s not even get started on the Metaverse for now). Without expert guidance, it’s difficult for a brand to juggle multiple conversations across multiple platforms (and that list grows almost every day!). At Communi8, we take great pride in the digital marketing expertise and experience that we have gained over the years. We offer so much, from content creation to SEO, from SEM to complete Social Media management.

Content Consultancy

If you are not content with your content, we sure can guide you. Whether you want to deliver content through website copy, animations, infographics, film, or some new-age interactive wizardry.

Media Buying

Message your targets directly, and keep your clients coming back. With our targeted ads help you reach your prospects in their feed while delivering more impactful results across multiple campaigns.

Search Engine Marketing

Why take the stairs when you can take the elevator? SEM is a great way to quick results. And with our expertise and in-depth analysis we can help you plan the perfect SEM strategy that delivers results.

Search Engine Optimization

Writing copy for your website, blog, or even an article on a third-party website requires a certain amount of skill and knowledge.

Strategy & Planning

We know just how to stretch your budget. Make it seem bigger than it is. And we aren’t just talking about media spend, we are talking about saying the right thing to the right consumer at the right time.

Data Analytics

Information is good, very, very good. But you know what really takes the stuffing out of the pie? An overload of it. We understand that sometimes the numbers can get too much to wrap your head around. But fear not, because Communi8’s data scientists are here to help.

Email Marketing

Personalize your campaigns with our email marketing campaigns. Win back lost customers, and keep clients engaged with our customized email solution.

Programmatic advertising

We don’t just create ads and banners, we optimize reach. With our programmatic advertising tactics, we don’t focus only on generating leads, to us it is more about generating higher quality leads.

GDN Marketing

With our Google Display Network targeting, we allow you to set where and when your ad is shown based on features of your ideal audience, such as their interests, age, or gender. From topic targeting, placement targeting, demographic targeting and even contextual targeting your brand will assuredly get noticed.